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Dr. Satkunan Mark Gnanapathy


Born and raised in Ipoh, Dr. Mark studied medicine in Kasturba Medical College, India, after discovering an interest in medicine. He obtained his MMBS degree in 2004 before returning to Malaysia where his career started in Taiping Hospital.

In 2014, Dr. Mark earned a master’s degree in surgery in Universiti Sains Malaysia Kelantan, and later, a diploma in laparoscopic surgery from Strasbourg after realizing where his passions lied. He then proceeded to Bangkok for his fellowship training to gain experience in bariatric and metabolic surgery.

Due to his time serving at multiple other hospitals, he has gathered ample experience before returning to Ipoh.

With such experience and qualifications, Dr. Mark naturally provides a wide range of services that are guaranteed to help you and improve your health.


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